April Meeting Recap

Hey songwriters,
The songwriting assignment notwithstanding, there wasn’t much wine or whining at the April 7 meeting of Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle. But some interesting songs were played and discussed by the 16 in attendance, including several new or newish members. Alex Spore( and Matt Schultz ( offered fresh-sounding interpretations of a half-dozen covers in the featured slot preceding a very good open stage that ran until after midnight.
The songwriting assignment for the May 5 meeting is to identify some element of a song that you haven’t done and incorporate it into your song. The song could be popular or obscure. The song element could be a musical style or form, a chord or chord progression, a rhythm that you haven’t played before, a lyrical idea or subject matter — something you’ve heard in a song that you’ll use in your new song or reworking of your old song. At the meeting explain that inspiration and how you brought in into your song.
Karl Bailey ( will play the featured slot between the meeting and Calliope Songwriters Open Stage.
Album project
Confirm your participation in the 2016 Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle album project by submitting your $100 duping/participation fee by May 1. Send a check or money order to John Hayes, 101 Daggette Dr., Buena Vista, PA 15018. Or get a receipt for cash paid to me at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern on Tuesdays. Or make special arrangements by contacting me at this address or 412-263-1991. See details about the album project on this website’s News page.
Performance opportunity
Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle returns to the Pittsburgh Marathon on Sun., May 3. Last year was a blast — we played our songs as runners passed, curiously cheering for us. And between groups of runners, we had sort of a breakfast picnic. Again this year, our booth is between mile posts 17 and 18 in Homewood at North Braddock Avenue and Kelly Street. Runners are expected to pass from about 7:50 a.m. to 11:19 a.m. Get back to me at this address, or by phone (work) 412-263-1991 or (cell) 412-335-1446, or on Tuesdays at the BBT open stage.
See you soon,