UPDATE on Discount on 2019 Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD Project!

Hey songwriters,

With money held in reserve from last year, the group can afford to pay-forward $60 — two hours at the $30-per-hour group rate recording fee — for each participant on this year’s album project. Each participant will be responsible for the first hour of recording time at the group rate, plus all recording time used after the first three hours at Electric Eye Recorders’ standard rate of $40 per hour. Your final invoice will show that $60, two hours at the group rate, has been paid by the group.

A previous message said inaccurately that the rebate would include all three hours of group-rate recording fees.

The First Session Deadline was July 13. If you’re on the project and have not had a recording session, please contact producer Mike Hickman immediately (512-785-2132, The deadline advances the project and prevents a log jam of sessions near the recording deadline. See the attached project overview.

– John   Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD, 2019

The CD release event is scheduled for Nov. 2 at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Details pending.

Questions, anything, contact Mike Hickman, Tom Beckman or group manager John Hayes (412-335-1446,