March Meeting Recap

At last week’s meeting of Pittsburgh Foodies Circle, lots of hot food-themed songs were served and the ingredients discussed at length. Two new members were added to the mailing list, and Theresa Schneider( showed off her growing repertoire of original piano tunes in a well-performed featured set.
The group agreed to wash that meeting down with the April 7 songwriting assignment, “wine” (or did they mean “whine”? Your call). Matt Schultz & Alex Spore ( will play the featured set.
2016 Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD
Mike Hickman (studio@fallguys.net512-785-2132) of Electric Eye Recorders is ready to start taking studio bookings for the group’s eleventh compilation album project, which launched March 3. Fees, deadlines and project rules are attached. As always, songwriters retain all rights and royalties to their songs in this work-for-hire arrangement.
A few things will change as the project falls under the tutelage of Mike and Electric Eye following the impending retirement of Doug Wilkin(, who produced the group’s previous 10 CDs.
The recording fee will drop slightly to $25 per hour for each of the first three hours and $40 per hour for additional time (the previous fee was $50 per hour for additional time). The special rate of $75 total for the first three hours will be due at the start of the first session (use fewer than three hours and the overage will be returned). An experienced songwriter, Mike can co-write as part of a private arrangement with the songwriter (co-writing is not included among project services, not billable for recording time costs, and Mike would share a writing credit for co-writing). Also, one cancellation of a scheduled recording session will be accepted (following one cancellation, 72 hours notice is required for subsequent cancellations or a $40 fee will be applied).
First deadline: A one-time duping/participation fee of $100 is due by May 8 toJohn Hayes (101 Daggette Dr., Buena Vista, PA 15018).


Pittsburgh Marathon
Members of Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle will perform along the route of the Pittsburgh Marathon on Sun., May 3. Contact John Hayes for details (