Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle 2018 CD release, Fri. Nov. 2

Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle 2018 CD release

Fri., Nov. 2. Doors 6:30 p.m., show 7-10 p.m.

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

6300 Fifth Ave, [Shadyside] Pittsburgh 15232.

$7 for non-performers, free for ages 5 and under. Free off-street parking.

Day of event questions, etc., call John at 412-335-1446.

Every Songwriters Circle member who put a song on this year’s CD is invited to perform.

If you’re not on the project, please attend to support your fellow group members.


Artist bios: Write up a one-paragraph biography including your musical history (and accompanists’ names, if applicable) for use in your stage introduction. Before the event, email it to show host Steve Gallo

Raffle donations: Independent CDs, your band’s T-shirts or other merch, Songwriters Circle CDs from past years, etc., are requested to be included in a raffle gift basket. On arrival give items to John at the merch table. Raffle proceeds pay for group expenses or will be paid-forward in participant rebates for next year’s CD.


– Bring instrument, tuner, cable if acoustic-electric, strap if necessary, lyric/chord sheets if necessary.

– Try to arrive as close to 6 p.m. as possible. On arrival find stage manager Marty Zundel, who will place you on the roster.

– No more than two accompanists, if any. Mixing board and stage will be set up for 6 channels — 3 vocal mics, 3 direct boxes.

– Two performers before your stage time, wait in the on-deck area off stage left. Be tuned and ready to play.

– Be prepared to perform 1 or 2 songs (it’s traditional to play some interpretation of the song on the CD).

– Our time in the space is extremely limited. No individual sound checks. A strict 8 minutes maximum stage time will be enforced — that’s stage entrance, hookup, performance, remarks, stage exit. No long thank-you’s or comments. If your song is 4 minutes or longer, play only one song.


Each participant gets 38 CDs (1,000 units minus 31 cutouts divided by 25 participants).

See John at the merch table for your bundle of CDs.

Group CDs will be sold at merch table and on CD Baby for $10. Proceeds pay for group expenses or will be paid-forward in participant rebates for next year’s CD.

EVENT STAFF (group members)

John Hayes: Manager, load in/out, raffle prize collection/wrapping, CD sorting/distribution, intros host, general assistance

Dennis Malley: Sound

Marty Zundel: Stage manager

Steve Gallo: Host, intros participants

Tom Beckman: Raffle ticket sales

Nancy Lackner: Raffle ticket and CD sales

Dave Graham: Photography