Retrospective CD Artists Announcement

Hey songwriters,
Maintaining a ten-year album series for amateur and semi-pro songwriters requires so much work it’s never been done by anyone else anywhere. Recording 33 artists for our tenth CD while financing and coordinating a juried retrospective album showcasing songs from the previous decade has been, well, daunting would be an understatement.
But we did it.
Following blind judging by members of Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society, I’m happy to announce that the following songs and songwriters will represent Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle on our “Retro Spective 2005-2015” collection:

1. “I’m a Walker” by Jack Erdie (2005)
2. “Why Do You Turn Away” by Nancy Deckant (2006)
3. “Just Another Drop of Water” by Sue Gartland (2007)
4. “Afar” by Between Liberties (2008)
5. “Ragtime Woman” by T.S. Steel (2010)
6. “The Problem is Me” by Jeff DeSantis (2011)
7. “Fifty Years Blues” by Dennis McCurdy (2012)
8. “Miracle” by Ben Shannon (2013)
9. “Don’t Think About Me” by Laurie Shea (2014)
10. “25,000 Days” by Alyssa Turkowski (2015)

Congratulations are due to the songwriters, and the Circle members and friends of the group who chipped in to pay for duping of the retrospective album.
Thanks are due to the Circle members who donated their time to make this happen: Dennis Malley, Steve Gallo, Tom Beckman, David Micheal King, Sue Gartland, Peter Donovan, Mark Bennett, Alex Spore and Marty Zundel. Thanks, too, to producer and full partner in the album series Doug Wilkin, Calliope executive director Tricia Tanner and the anonymous Calliope judges who screened 211 songs to choose the ten that will appear on the album. (The songs above represent ten consecutive years of recordings. Due to a change in naming protocol, there was no album attributed to 2009.).
“Retro Spective” will be released simultaneously with “Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle: 2015 Collection” during a CD release event Nov. 14 at the Roots Cellar at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.
– John Hayes