Circle Calendar December 2019 Update

Hey songwriters,Just a heads-up on the last few busy weeks on the Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle calendar. The Girlie Show Acoustic Guitar Project, Nov. 29 at Hambone’s, was the best local performance I’ve seen in years. Outstanding work by Debbi Pace (, Donna O (, Carrie Collins (, Parry Adams ( and Liss Victory (, who nailed her set as well as her promotion of the event.On Dec. 6, two days after the group’s Wednesday meeting at Hambone’s, a bunch of members volunteered to help at our hastily relocated CD release event at the Penn Hebron Garden Club (The Barn). Much credit goes to group member Howard Davidson ( for getting us into the venue on extremely short notice, and to members who assisted at admissions, the food and beverage booth, merch table, raffle, MC, parking, food and beverage donations, setup and cleanup. After paying for stage rental and sound and group webmaster (member Dennis Malley ( gave us a break on the PA), we profited $88, which group treasurer Tom Beckman ( deposited in a dedicated Songwriters Circle bank account with money left over from CD duping fees. Good performances, appreciative listening-room audience, good work by everyone involved.Two days later on Dec. 8 at City Mission, a homeless shelter in Washington, PA , about a dozen group members performed holiday songs for shelter residents and members of the community who needed a hot meal. They listened to and sang along with the group’s performance of Christmas and New Year songs as well as holiday originals, making the Songwriters Circle’s Christmas show a truly unique performance. Thanks again to member and event organizer Sue Gartland(’m on a much needed traveling vacation from deadlines, but I’ll be back in time to see you in January. The first Wednesday is a holiday, so we’ll meet at 7 p.m. Wed., Jan. 8 at Hambone’s. The suggested assignment is to write a song in which each line contains five words. Not five syllables, five words. Think about it.Some of you have original holiday songs that may be worthy of consideration in Open Mic Entertainment’s annual Christmas Songwriting Competition. See below.Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.- John 

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Dedicated to the art & excellence of songwriting, Karen Randle
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