Songwriters CD release

Hey songwriters,
With the roster spread over two performances and a couple of participants unable to attend, we’ll have 17 artists each night performing in a strict three hours of stage time. That gives us enough time for each artist to do two songs.
I’ll say that again: You get two songs!
Doug Wilkin ( runs the sound. John Hayes stage manages Nov. 30. Marty Zundel ( stage manages Dec. 7. Steve Gallo is emcee, Tom Beckman and Acoustic Challenge promoter Nancy Lackner run the merch booth.
A previous message gave you your performance date. Each album participant can have up to two accompanists, and all performers are asked to be there 6:30 p.m. date of show. That’s when doors open — earlier artist arrivals are welcome. If you’re bringing keyboards please arrive and set up before 6:30 p.m., or make arrangements for the stage crew to set up early for you. We’re amateurs, but we’re trying to do this as professionally as possible and with appropriate respect for your fellow performers. It’s not an open stage — don’t plan to show up late, play and leave. If you or your accompanists can’t get there by 6:30 p.m., make prior arrangements with John. Showing up with fresh strings and a fresh battery are extremely good ideas. On arrival find a seat with your fans, then find that night’s stage manager, who will have a roster list and show you were to put equipment and where to tune. Doug will accommodate any stage setup you need. Two artists out, you and your accompanists will wait at an “on deck” area near the stage. On stage, feel free to make acknowledgements or set up your songs, but please keep the banter to a minimum as you do your two songs and exit the stage. It’s a family show — watch your language.
Questions? I’m at 412-263-1991. I’m taking off work on event days: home 412-751-7744, cell 412-335-1446.