Upcoming Meeting

Hey songwriters,
“Adventure” will be the subject of the optional songwriting assignment when Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle meets 7 p.m. Tue., May 7 at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern (4412 Liberty Ave., 412-682-8611). Ray Lanich will play the featured set.
Producer of our album project, Doug Wilkin of Wilkin Audio, will be there to meet participants, talk about the recording process and offer pre-recording tips to make your sessions run more smoothly.

Gig opportunity
Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society relayed a query from the Thomas Merton Center, which is searching for local artists interested in performing at its monthly cabaret at the AVA Lounge in East Liberty. The room gets an audience of approximately 20-50, mostly people interested in the Merton Center’s peace and social justice initiatives. They’re looking for artists willing to play for about 30 minutes pro bono. The music doesn’t have to reflect the Center’s political beliefs, and a microphone and amp are available. I don’t have dates or times, but if you’re interested please contact Connie Totera-Hutchison at 724-462-0300,

Album project
The deadline to get on this year’s compilation album is May 14 when your $100 duping and participation fee is due. Thanks much to participants who have already sent in the fee, sparing me the workload of keeping track of dozens of payments coming in at once. If you intend to put a song on the album, please send your check to John Hayes, 101 Daggette Dr., Buena Vista, PA 15018. See the attachment for full project rules.
See you Tuesday,