Reverend Robert & Charlie Barath


Friday, June 1st 2018

Bottlebrush Gallery & Center for the Arts

539 Main Street “On the Square”

$15  Limited Seating ~ RSVP Required – 724.452.0539
Lonesome No More Productions proudly present Reverend Robert & Charlie Barath

Reverend Robert is a master of prewar blues. He has delved deep into the styles of Charley Patton, Robert Johnson and other delta blues giants. In the past two decades he has become accomplished at many other early twentieth century styles including ragtime and early jazz, Hawaiian, African and Caribbean. He combines these styles seamlessly in a combination of infectious rhythm and an authentic acoustic sound.

Charlie Barath is enamored with traditional styles the Pittsburgh-based harmonica player and singer directs most of his efforts toward performing Blues, Americana, Folk, Cajun; mostly anything that is traditional music. He started his musical journey when he purchased his first Marine Band harmonica in the late 70s and began playing in the traditional Straight Harp style in which the diatonic harmonica was designed to be played. As time progressed, Charlie discovered more paths to travel with his instrument and continues to explore these options today.