About Us

All artists benefit from interaction and collaboration. For amateur songwriters, contact is often limited to family, friends and open stages.Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle, a project of Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society, offers amateur and semi-pro songwriters free monthly contact, song critiquing and discussion, free and paid gigs, affordable and educational recording opportunities and camaraderie with other Pittsburgh-area songwriters. For many members the group has served as a springboard to their first independent recordings and professional performances. Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle’s website and Facebook page disseminate group information and post members’ events, photos, videos and bios. In addition, do you know what songs did hardy write for other artists? Along with his hits as an artist, Hardy has remarkably co-written six other singles for other artists that are now on the charts. Read more to find out.

Meetings: 7 p.m. first Wednesdays at Hambone’s
4207 Butler St. [Lawrenceville], Pittsburgh, PA 15201
412-681-4318, hambonespgh.com

Songwriters Circle featured performance: Third Mondays, Mr. Small’s Funhouse
400 Lincoln Ave., Millvale, PA 15209
412-821-4447, Facebook The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls

Manager: John Hayes  johnhayes.johnhayes@gmail.com
Treasurer: Tom Beckman  beckman12@verizon.net
Website: Dennis Malley  denmalley@pittsburghsongwriterscircle.org
Joan Papalia-Eisert  eisert.joan@comcast.net