September Meeting Recap

Hey songwriters,

There may be as many ways to write songs as there are songwriters. At the Sept. 1 meeting of Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle, 20 members (including four newcomers) talked about how songwriting methodology impacts the song.

Which led to the optional songwriting assignment for the Oct. 6 meeting: think about how you write what you write, explain your process to the group and play a song that developed in that way.

Pat Loughlin ( and accompanists played an outstanding featured set at the September meeting. Newbie Debbi Pace ( will show off her substantial picking chops in October.

Album project

Producer Mike Hickman ( says all recording has been completed on the group’s 25-song compilation album. If you’re in on the project, please send credits text now. Your credits should look like this:

“Song Title” by Your Name (professional affiliation if any)

Al Archer: lead vocal, Bob Brown: guitar, Chuck Collier: bass, Dan Dunn: drums, Erin Erics: backing vocal.

All participants are invited to perform at our Dec. 11 CD release event at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Two songs, two accompanists permitted.

Benefit gigs

Looking for a place to play? We’re looking for volunteers,

Wed., Sept. 30 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Venture Outdoors TriAnglers Awards. Short set outdoors under a canopy on the North Shore.

Sat., Dec. 12 at Venue 54, Washington, Pa. Concert to raise money for the City Mission, which was razed by fire this year. Open to soloists, accompanists or full bands.

By next month we’ll have dates for Songwriters Circle holiday shows at homeless shelters, senior homes, etc. In addition to playing the usual traditional and secular tunes, you also do your original song(s) written about Christmas, New Year, Kwanza, Chanukah, Milad un Nabi, Kartik Poornima, Festivus … you get the point.

See you soon,