April Meeting

Hey songwriters,
It’s your fault and you know it. Somehow, that sounded a lot better when Brittany Hautz ( suggested “personal responsibility” as the optional songwriting assignment for Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle’s April 2 meeting, 7 p.m. at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. Luca Zan ( plays the featured performance preceding the open stage.
It’s also your last chance. On Fri., April 5, organizers of Greensburg’s SummerSounds music festival will choose the 13 Songwriters Circle members who will be offered $100 half-hour gigs at the June 7-Aug. 30 shows. SummerSounds uses recent Songwriters Circle compilation CDs to scout for talent, but group members who did not place songs on those albums can bring independent CDs to the meeting — they’ll be delivered to SummerSounds for consideration.
If you’ve already made up your mind to put a song on this year’s group CD, please don’t wait until the May 14 deadline, or next time you see me, to pay your $100 duping/participation fee. The accounting is much easier if you just mail a check to John Hayes, 101 Daggette Dr., Buena Vista, PA 15018.
See you tomorrow,