February 2021 Assisgnment

Structure a song that begins with the chorus.
It’s an old trick used by early country artists to push the hookiest, most memorable part of the song through the radio speakers before listeners had a chance to change the station. The strategy was adopted with much success by pop and rock artists.Why put the chorus up front if your song is not on radio’s radar? Because you want to grab your audience’s attention with the first few bars and hold it until the applause fades. Because it demonstrates your grasp of smart song craftsmanship. Because whether it was written chorus-first or flipped in the studio, it’s a cool tool and your song deserves it.Here are some examples.
“She Loves You” Lennon/McCartney, performance The Beatles
“Can’t Buy Me Love” Lennon/McCartney, performance The Beatles
“Help!” Lennon/McCartney, performance The Beatles
“Cruise” Brian Kelley/Tyler Hubbard, performance Florida Georgia Line
“See You Again” Charlie Puth/ Wiz Khalifa, performance Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth
“All About That Bass” Kevin Kadisah/Meghan Trainor, performance Meghan Trainor
“Another Woman”  Dan Penn/Buzz Cason, performance T.G. Sheppard
“Chicken Fried” Zac Brown/Wyatt Durrette, performance Zac Brown Band