Hey songwriters,

Starting a song with its chorus can treat listeners to the catchiest phrase and sharpest hook right at the top. Responding to a songwriting assignment in person or on songs posted at Facebook Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle, several members made the tactic work during the February group meeting at The Starlite Lounge. 

For the March meeting, whether you attend or contribute on Facebook, write a song using no more than three chords. See more about that on the Monthly Assignments page at

With most Covid-concerned members still sheltering at home, the meetings have been small and intimate with plenty of time to talk and focus on individual songs. One topic of conversation was the group’s 17th annual compilation album project, which will launch at the next meeting. Last year we reduced the duping and recording fees and expanded deadlines to make participation easier during the pandemic. The inducements worked — 27 members contributed songs. COVID19 continues and so will most of the changes to the project introduced last year. In addition, the participation procedure will be streamlined and several new features announced at the March 3 meeting. Project rules will be posted on the website and Facebook following the meeting.