Hey songwriters,

An enthusiastic crowd of 17 maskless members gathered at The Starlite Lounge for the June meeting of Pittsburgh Songwriters Heptadecagon. 

With vaccinations going up and pandemic admissions going down fast, attendance has been rising since May. Our people seemed happy to see old friends, meet new members and do that thing that we do.

Just a few takers for the suggested songwriting assignment — no rhymes — but some good songs were showcased and by about 8 p.m. the room loosened up and discussion and constructive criticism flowed freely, just like old times.

We learned at the meeting that Victoria Montgomery ( has married her boyfriend and will move with him to Seattle before the group’s July meeting. Like the rest of us, she’s stuck with group membership for life and says she’ll keep in touch. Congratulations, Victoria, we’re proud of you.

In fitting with the mood of the evening, the suggested assignment is to write a wedding song. At, open the Monthly Assignments page for examples.

CD project

The pandemic is ebbing, but some folks are still struggling. To make participation in the project a little easier, let’s stretch that duping-participation fee deadline to July 2, same date as the session scheduling deadline.

– July 2 DUPING-PARTICIPATION FEE DEADLINE: Payment of the $85 duping fee serves as

confirmation of participation and provides access to the producer’s group recording rate. The fee is

used for the manufacture of the CDs, shipping and misc. group expenses.

– July 2 SESSION SCHEDULING DEADLINE: By this date participants must have contacted Mike and

scheduled an initial recording session. The session can occur earlier or later, but must be on Mike’s

books by this date. To schedule sessions call Electric Eye at 512-785-2132. The session scheduling

deadline advances the project and prevents a log jam of new sessions near the recording deadline.

For electronic payment codes and other details, check the 2022 CD project overview at, Facebook Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle or follow the attachment below.

Hope to see you soon,

– John