Last chance to get in on Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD, 2019

Since 2005, members of Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle have produced a unique body of
work – a compilation album series that includes hundreds of original songs by more than 100 regional
songwriters. The group is happy to announce the launch of its 14th annual CD project.
– Mike Hickman of Electric Eye Recorders, Polish Hill, will return to produce and master the album.
– Kansas multi-media company Nuvidia will provide Songwriters Circle with the same
reproduction rates it has given the group since 2005.
– Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle is sponsored by Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society,
which again has invited the group to perform its CD release event at the Roots Cellar stage,
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Shadyside.
Find additional information about the project and its partners at,,,,
Project overview
The annual album project is a feature of Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle, an artist support group
that offers its members a monthly meeting to exchange ideas and promote camaraderie, song
critiquing and discussion; a weekly songwriter’s open stage, free and paid gigs, etc.
The album series:
1) Provides songwriters with a safe, inexpensive, nurturing and educational recording
experience with a veteran producer in a professional recording studio.
2) Provides incentive to write songs by creating an outlet for them.
3) Helps to foster community among participating songwriters.
4) Makes entry into the recording process less daunting by eliminating such heavy decisions as
selection of a producer and studio, mastering, selection of a manufacturing company, replication
or duplication options, graphic design and text, shipping, booking a venue, staging a CD release
event, media relations and promotion. Freed of those responsibilities, participating songwriters
need only to make artistic decisions about their songs, pay the project’s fees and meet its
5) Builds participants’ studio skills and confidence, and encourages further recording. When
members are ready to pursue their own album projects, assistance is available on recording
process details, contact numbers, collective advice, etc.
6) Provides a promotional tool for Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle and project participants.
Publishing rights, project fees
– Participating songwriters retain all rights to their songs. The Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD
is a work for hire. No mechanical or publishing royalties are due or paid. One thousand units are
manufactured and divided equally among participants minus cutouts for promotional use and
the sale of “group albums” (see below *). Participating artists can do whatever they want with
the CDs they receive.
– DUPING-PARTICIPATION FEE: A one-time duping/participation fee of $100 is paid to project
coordinator John Hayes . Payment serves as confirmation of intent to participate, and is held in
dedicated accounts until used for duping, printing, shipping and various group expenses.
Preferred payment is through personal check or money order for $100 made out to John Hayes,
101 Daggette Dr.,Buena Vista, PA 15018. The duping-participation fee is fully refundable until
the participant’s first recording session.