March 2021 Assisgnment

Monthly Assignments

for March, 2021

Write a song using no more than three chords. 

This will be an easy one for members whose styles fall somewhere between traditional folk and John Prine. Concerned that three chords is too limiting, that it will restrict your ability to make the song interesting? Listen to the variety in the three-chord songs posted below. It’s not the progression, it’s what you do with it and what you have to say. Don’t feel limited to open chords, and walking the stepping stone positions up or down between chords is OK. 

“Tomorrow Never Knows” (C-A#)  Lennon/McCartney, performed by The Beatles

“Eleanor Rigby” (C-Em) Lennon/McCartney, performed by The Beatles

“Ring of Fire” (G-C-D) June Carter/Merle Kilgore, performed by Johnny Cash

“Happier” (C-Am-F) Ed Sheeran Sheeran/Ryan Tedder/Benny Blanco, performed by Ed Sheeran

“Born in the USA” (B-E) Bruce Springsteen, performed by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

“Born This Way” (A-D-E) Lady Gaga/Jeppe Laursen, performed by Lady Gaga

“Paradise” John Prine, performed by John Prine

“Sweet Home Alabama” (G-Cadd9-D) Ronnie Van Zant/Gary Rossington/Ed King, performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Release” (G-C-D) Eddie Vedder/Stone Gossard, performed by Pearl Jam

“Family Affair” (Am-Em) Mary J. Blige/Bruce Miller/Camara Kambon/Michael Elizondo/Dr. Dre/Mel-Man/Scott Storch, performed by Mary J. Blige

“Dirt Road Anthem” (Am-C-F)  Colt Ford/Brantley Gilbert, performed by Jason Aldean

“Horse with No Name” (Em – D69/F#) Dewey Bunnell, performed by America

“I Gotta Feeling” (G-C-Em) William Adams/Allan Pineda/Jaime Gomez/Stacy Ferguson/David Guetta/Frédéric Riesterer, performed by Black Eyed Peas

“Jane Says” (G-A) Eric Avery/Perry Farrell/Dave Navarro, performed by Jane’s Addiction

“State of Grace” (A-E-F#m) Taylor Swift, performed by Taylor Swift
“Three Little Birds” (A-D-E) Bob Marley, performed by Bob Marley & the Wailers