Hambone’s will reopen Fri., June 5 under social distancing conditions that would be impractical for our meeting. I’m working on scheduling an outdoor Songwriters Circle meeting at a central location where we can set up folding camp chairs six feet apart and safely workshop our songs.

In the meantime, let’s continue with another virtual monthlong Facebook meeting. The songwriting assignment: Write a song with a false ending.  Or demo the song you intend to put on this year’s Songwriters Circle compilation album.

How to post a song

Use your cell phone to video record yourself performing your song. Go to Facebook Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle. In the menu on the left choose Posts. Click your cursor in the box that says “Write a post…” Type in any information you’d like to post about your song. Click on the icon Photo/Video. A window will open where you can choose your newly recorded song from your video files. When your song and comment are loaded click “Publish.” Email questions to Sue Gartland at

How to comment on a song

Click on a video, watch and listen. Under “Write a comment,” critique the song and hit the Enter key.

CD project

In these trying times, we hope the reduced fees and extended deadlines announced last month will help you to participate. See them listed below. Questions about recording? Contact producer Mike Hickman at Electric Eye Recorders, 512-785-2132 and If you’ve submitted your duping-participation fee, please contact Mike now to schedule your first recording session to prevent a bottleneck of sessions later this summer. 

– Please send an email message to me ( if you have an interest in putting a song on the CD. The message isn’t binding, but it gives us an idea of participation.

Duping-participation fee is reduced to $75 (was $100). By July 1 the fee, or first payment on the fee, should be sent to me (John Hayes, 101 Daggette Dr., Buena Vista, PA 15018) or paid to producer Mike Hickman ( at the studio. Accepted in increments if necessary, but the reduced fee must be paid in full before the CD is mastered or the song will not appear on the CD. Full reimbursement if requested before the participant’s first recording session. Anyone who has already paid the original $100 fee will be credited $25.

– The group recording fee is reduced to $25 for each of the first 3 hours, $35 for each additional hour (was $30-$40). Payable to Mike, and payment arrangements will be accepted.

– The group will pay for the first hour of each participant’s recording time, valued at $25.

New schedule:

June 30 Duping Fee or first payment on duping fee.

July 31 First Session Deadline.

Sept. 25 Recording Deadline.

– As always participants can record their songs however they want. Members who would like to participate but are on a tight budget are encouraged to talk with Mike about how to record their song in a way they can afford. 

I miss seeing you guys. Stay safe.

– John