Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle Next meeting: Wed., Aug. 5, 7 pm

Location: Location: Outdoors at Frick Park, Regent Square Outdoors at Frick Park, Regent Square Location: Outdoors at Frick Park, Regent Square

Hey songwriters,

The July meeting outdoors at Frick Park worked well, so we decided to do it again. Bring your instrument and a folding chair or a blanket to sit on. Street parking. A small lot, which may be filled, is located two city blocks away at the corner of South Braddock and Biddle avenues. Public restrooms and water fountains are closed.

The spiral cement designs embedded in the grass at the park’s Forbes and Braddock Playground suited us well as a place to form a safe, well-spaced circle and play our songs. 

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There was no August songwriting assignment. I recommend that CD project participants play the song they’ll record and request ideas on arrangement, vocal and performance style, etc. If you’re not on the CD share an original song.

I’ll be on a two-week tent camping trip at Olympic National Park in Washington state. Sue Gartland ( will lead the group. As I write this the weather that day looks good, but if that changes Sue will make the call and post a cancellation message at Facebook Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle. If rain falls during the meeting consider walking to the nearby pavilion at the treeline behind Forbes and Braddock Playground. If you need the best trailers, or want to get a new RV for your camping trip, you can check them out from here!

CD project

The First Session deadline is July 31. By that day participants have to contact producer Mike Hickman (512-785-2132, and schedule their first recording session at Electric Eye Recorders. The session can be later, but members have to be on Mike’s books by that date to avoid a bottleneck near the Sept. 25 recording deadline.

The pandemic got serious and layoffs began just as we were organizing the 16th annual Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD project. There was concern we might have to skip a year, or do it with fewer songwriters. I’m very proud to announce that 29 Circle members signed up to put songs on this year’s CD. Expect another double-disc package to debut at a release party in November or December. Details are pending.

See you soon,

– John