Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle Wed., July 7, 7 p.m.

Starlite Lounge 364 Freeport Rd., Blawnox. 412-828-2040

Suggested songwriting assignment: Write a wedding song. Interpret that however you want.

CD project

Two important deadlines passed last week.

Time is up to submit the $85 duping-participation fee. If you intend to put a song on the CD but have not paid up, do it now. See the attached project overview for payment instructions. This will be the final duping fee prompt.

The first-session scheduling deadline was Fri., July 2. By that date, participants were to have contacted producer Mike Hickman to schedule their first recording session. The deadline prevents a bottleneck of session requests shortly before the recording deadline. Participants who have paid the duping fee but are not yet on Mike’s recording schedule must contact Electric Eye Recorders at 512-785-2132.

The next deadline requires all participants to have completed their first recording session by July 30, again to protect Mike from having a bottleneck of session requests near the Sept. 24 recording deadline.