Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle


Our monthlong virtual Facebook meeting went pretty well in April with some good songs posted and interesting commentary from members. The cell phone song video that Sue Gartland ( posted was among several standouts. If you haven’t visited Facebook Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle please check it out.

We’ll do it again throughout May with a theme we can all relate to: Write a song about isolation. And here’s a new twist, any group member who posts a song can request a song from another member. If you’ve forgotten a name, shoot me a message. If you have trouble posting the homemade video of your song, contact Sue, the group’s Facebook coordinator, at the above address. 

Fees reduced on CD project

Some of the best art is created during tough economic times. To make it easier for Songwriters Circle members to participate in the group’s 16th annual CD project, a panel of members including treasurer Tom Beckman ( has revised the project’s fees and deadlines to make it easier to contribute.

– Please send an email message to me ( if you’re interested in putting a song on the CD. The message isn’t binding, but it gives us an idea of participation.

Duping-participation fee is reduced to $75 (was $100). By July 1 the fee, or first payment on the fee, should be sent to me (John Hayes, 101 Daggette Dr., Buena Vista, PA 15018) or paid to producer Mike Hickman ( at the studio. Accepted in increments if necessary, but the reduced fee must be paid in full before the CD is mastered or the song will not appear on the CD. Full reimbursement if requested before the participant’s first recording session. Anyone who has already paid the original $100 fee will be credited $25.

– The group recording fee is reduced to $25 for each of the first 3 hours, $35 for each additional hour (was $30-$40). Payable to Mike, and payment arrangements will be accepted.

– The group will pay for the first hour of each participant’s recording time, valued at $25.

New schedule:

June 30 Duping Fee or first payment on duping fee.

July 31 First Session Deadline.

Sept. 25 Recording Deadline.

– As always participants can record their songs however they want. Members who would like to participate but are on a tight budget are encouraged to talk with Mike about how to record their song in a way they can afford.

Stay safe.

– John