Radio Performance Opportunity–Saturday Light Brigade, WYEP FM

Hey songwriters,

Scroll down for a live-radio performance opportunity extended to Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle members. If you’re not familiar with Saturday Light Brigade, it’s a rare gem — in most cities, local songwriters have nothing like it. Click on the link below.

Here’s a tip: If you’re booked for a SLB performance, set up a gig for that night or a few days later that you can promote while you’re on the air.

– John

SLB is looking for performers to fill in dates in the new year? We’re looking for individuals that are confident in their abilities and can pull together enough material for an hour set (which, of course, includes a lot of talking with Larry). Familiarity with SLB is a plus, but not a requirement!


Our website is The archives from the show (search “live music” for these segments) can be found at

My work email where they can reach me if they are interested is


Thanks! Hope all is well,