September 2018 meeting recap

Hey Songwriters,

The group’s first meeting at Hambone’s went extremely well. More than 25 members sat in a circle of chairs around a block of dinner tables. Not everyone performed, and several people who came for the open stage joined in the conversation, and we finished by the firm 9 p.m. deadline.

Much thanks are due to open stage host Chet Vincent (, Hambone’s manager Jeff, booker Jo and waitress Sheri.

Oct. 2 songwriting assignment: Write a crooked song (see for details).

CD project

The deadline for submitting album credits was Aug. 24. If you have a song on the album and haven’t submitted your credits, or told me they might change, this is the last time I’m asking. In a week your song credits will be laid out without your input. The CDs graphics will be uploaded to the duping company.


“Song” by Bob Brown (ASCAP, BMI if applicable)

Bob Brown: vocal, guitar. Steve Smith: guitar, vocal. Michael Hickman: bass, drums.

Send to:

Thanks, see you soon.

– John